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Antique Late Victorian Ivory Silk Canton Floral Embroidered Piano Fringed Shawl

Antique Late Victorian Ivory Silk Canton Floral Embroidered Piano Fringed Shawl

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Dating back to the late Victorian era, this large soft silk shawl is embroidered with floral ivory embroidery which covers the entire shawl with hand knotted silk macramé fringed edges. It is absolutely stunning.

60" x 60" square without fringing
The fringing is 8" long

Condition Report
There is an area of age related stains in two corners of the shawl which we have photographed. These stains are very common on shawls this old.

Please note colours may vary depending on your screen.

This is a vintage piece. Threads may be lose, imperfections may occur. We are always very honest with our listings and will always list any age related issues we notice but please be aware that this shawl is around 100 years old.

Shawls of the Victorian era 

In the Victorian era, spanning from the early 19th century to the early 20th century, shawls held a prominent place in women's fashion. The Victorian period was characterized by a conservative approach to dress, and shawls were not only fashionable but also practical accessories that reflected the social norms and tastes of the time.

Victorian fashion was characterized by an emphasis on modesty and elegance. Shawls played a crucial role in achieving this look, providing coverage for the décolletage and arms. The silhouette of women's dresses in this era, with high necklines and full skirts, complemented the use of shawls as both a functional and decorative accessory.

As the Victorian era progressed, advances in textile manufacturing allowed for a variety of materials and weaving techniques. Shawls were produced in silk, wool, and other fabrics, often featuring intricate lacework, embroidery, or fringe. The use of fringe became a common embellishment, adding a delicate and ornamental touch to the shawls.

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